Venture capital is a form of private equity and a type of financing that investors provide to startup companies and small businesses that are believed to have long-term growth potential.The business often requires capital for initial setup (or expansion). Venture capital investing may be done at an even earlier stage known as the “idea phase”. A venture capitalist may provide resources to an entrepreneur for progress.

Stages of Venture Capital Investing

1. Seed-stage Capital

Seed-stage capital is the capital provided to help an entrepreneur (or prospective entrepreneur) develop an idea. Seed stage capital usually funds the research and development (R&D) of new products and services and research into prospective markets.

2. Early-stage Capital

Early-stage capital is venture capital investing provided to set up initial operation and basic production. Early stage capital supports product development, marketing, commercial manufacturing, and sales.

3. Later-stage Capital

Later-stage capital is the venture capital investing provided after the business generates revenues but before an Initial Public Offering (IPO). It includes capital needed for initial expansion (second-stage capital), capital needed for major expansions, product improvement, major marketing campaigns, mergers & acquisitions (third-stage capital), and capital needed to go public (mezzanine or bridge capital).


For innovators, inventors, startup and scaleup companies that cannot close funding gaps. We find the right investement partners. Assisting with funding project in the range from 2 million to 200 million. worldwide.


Connect investors and seed capital to start-ups, find growth capital for scale-ups. Search & Match growth capital for international scale-ups & expanders, 2 to 200 m. Advisor to digital and high-tech companies on business plan, pitches, dealmaking.

Start and growth capital facilitator for energized teams to realize expansion plans. Connect investors and seed capital to start-ups, find growth capital for scale-ups. Advisor to digital and high-tech companies on business plan, pitches, dealmaking. Search growth capital for digital industry start-ups, scale-ups & European expanders. Evaluating strategic growth needs and connecting investors to discuss opportunities.

Close Funding Gaps: Investment advisor for seed capital and growth capital series A. Review cases, pitch decks, business plans, check strategy for sales, services, growth. Design business cases, portfolios, business models and realization of transformation


You are an investment company and have started a new funds for digital technologies and looking for startups or scaleups that need funding and have a good fit in the portfolio. Valbonne Commercial Agency is working for several companies in that area frequently.

Capital search & delivery based on a success fees when the needed capital is delivered. An 
agent/ advisor who is looking for capital for your firm .

If you need to make your material investor ready and improve your overall offer, you are charged with retainer fees for prepairing your material.


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